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To Agnes of Prague (2)

 1 To the daughter of the King of kings, handmaid of the Lord of lords, most worthy spouse of Jesus Christ and therefore, very distinguished queen, the Lady Agnes,

2 Clare, useless and unworthy handmaid of the Poor Ladies, sends her greetings and the prayer that Agnes may always live in the utmost poverty.

3 I thank the one who liberally bestows grace, from whom every best and perfect gift is believed to come, because he has adorned you with such a good reputation founded upon your virtues and has made you shine with the honours of so much perfection.

4 He did this so that once you have been made a diligent imitator of the Father who is perfect, you may deserve to be made perfect, so that his eyes may not see anything imperfect in you.

5 This is that perfection with which the King will unite you to himself in marriage in heaven's bridal chamber where he sits in glory upon his starry throne,

6 because despising the heights of an earthly kingdom and the less than worthy offers of an imperial marriage,

7 you have been made an imitator of the holiest poverty, and in a spirit of great humility and the most ardent charity, you have clung to the footsteps of him with whom you have been worthy to be united in marriage.

8 Moreover, since I know that you are laden with virtues, I shall refrain from saying too much as I do not wish to laden you with superfluous words,

9 even though to you no word seems superfluous of those that could be the source of some consolation for you.

10 But because one thing is necessary, I invoke this one thing and advise you, by the love of him to whom you have offered yourself as a holy and pleasing sacrifice,

11 to be mindful, like a second Rachel, of your founding purpose always seeing your beginning. What you hold, may you continue to hold, what you do, may you keep doing and not stop,

12 but with swift pace, nible step, and feet that do not stumble so that even your walking does not raise any dust,

13 may you go forward tranquilly, joyfully, briskly, and cautiously along the path of happiness,

14 trusting in no one and agreeing with no one insofar as he might want to dissuade you from pursuing your founding purpose or might place a stumbling block in your way, preventing you, in that perfection with which the Spirit of the Lord has called you, from fulfilling your vows to the Most High.

15 No concerning this, so that you may walk more tranquilly along the way of the Lord's commands, follow the advice of our venerable father, our Brother Elias, minister general.

16 Prefer his advice to the advice of others and consider it more precious to you than any gift.

17 Indeed, if someone tells you something else or suggests anything to you that may hinder your perfection and that seems contrary to your divine vocation, even though you must respect him, still, do not follow his advice;

18 instead, poor virgin, embrace the Poor Christ.

19 Now that you have made yourself contemptible in this world for his sake, look upon and follow the one who made himself contemptible for your sake.

20 Gaze upon, examine, contemplate, most noble queen, desiring to follow your spouse, who is more beautiful than the sons of humankind, and who for your salvation became the vilest of men, despised, struck, and flogged repeatedly over his entire body, dying while suffering the excruciating torments of the cross.

21 If you suffer with him, with him you will reign, grieving with him, with him you will rejoice, dying with him on the cross of tribulation, with him you will possess mansions in heaven among the splendours of the saints,

22 and your name will be recorded in the Book of Life and will bring you glory among men and women.

23 This is why you may forever in eternity share the glory of the heavenly kingdom rather than what is earthly and transitory, eternal goods instead of those that perish, and why you will live forever and ever.

24 Farewell, dearest sister and lady, for the sake of the Lord, your spouse;

25 and constantly remember me, as well as my sisters-for we rejoice in the good things of the Lord that he is accomplishing in you through his grace-in your devout prayers to the Lord.
Also, as often as possible, please remind your sisters to pray for us.

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Made by Illustration by Laurent Bidot Translation : Cindy Garitan